Four Ferrari 599 GTOs For Sale In The Netherlands

Launched in April 2010, the 599 GTO was meant to be not a more powerful version of the 599 GTB, but a road-going variation of the 599XX.

As a matter of fact, Ferrari claims the GTO shares more parts with the insane 599XX racer than it does the “regular” GTB, itself an incredibly impressive car.

Restricted to just 599 examples worldwide, it was powered by an uprated version of the 6.0-liter V12, with 661 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque on tap.

It was also only the third model in Maranello’s history to be adorned with the GTO badge, the other two being the legendary 1962 250 GTO and 1984 288 GTO.

Naturally, all units sold out very quickly. Right now, though, a dealership in Netherlands has no less than four available.

Currently listed on Hoefnagels, the four GTOs for sale come with price tags way above what they cost back in 2010, and more than double that of a brand-new the F12tdf!

The first of the four is painted yellow and is adorned with a black roof, carbon fiber side skirts and black wheels and has covered 6,600 miles. That will be €850,000 for you, sir, thank you very much. There is also a second yellow car for sale at €825,000, with 300 miles more on the clock. The least expensive (you can’t say “cheapest” now, really…) of the lot is a gloss black example with a €750,000 asking price.

Certainly though the most unique is the final example, painted silver and featuring a special livery consisting of white circles on the doors and a yellow stripe running across the bonnet. Prospective customers will have to fork out €795,000. Decisions, decisions…