Japanese Tuner Creates World’s Craziest Nissan GT-R For Tokyo

The Tokyo Auto Salon always attracts some weird and wonderful creations and we may have just stumbled upon the craziest car from this year’s show.

Created by Kuhl Racing, it is a Nissan GT-R that is light years away from stock. Clearly, it is outfitted with a complete bodykit but that kit is truly unique and took hundreds of hours to perfect.

The widebody kit started out as most do, in what appears to be fiberglass. Artists then drew intricate shapes across the entire body of Godzilla and then, expert engravers carved out these designs into the custom body panels.

Those components were then painted in a chrome finish and then, sprayed gold.

While the shape of the kit may not be to everyone’s taste, the craftsmanship which went into every square inch is something to be admired.