Mazda’s New CX-4, CX-6 Or CX-7 Coupe-Like Compact SUV Spotted Again

New revealing photos of Mazda’s upcoming sporty compact crossover have emerged on the web less than a week after we got our first look at the car. These latest images were discovered over at Popsuv by Carscoops’ reader Erik who told us:

“After reading your article on the leaked pictures of the production version of the Mazda Koeru Concept I did some digging myself and actually found some more pictures of the unmasked car – this time, in a red color and also what seems to be the top of the line trim with bigger wheels and a different headlamp design similar to that on the CX5 and 9,” said Erik.

We still don’t know what Mazda will call the car, though we suspect they’ll use one of the available CX-4, CX-6 or CX-7 nameplates, depending on where the Japanese carmaker will position the car, but all evidence points to the model slotting between the CX-5 and CX-9.

Mazda previewed the low-profile crossover with the swept-back styling through the Koeru Concept at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Cast in a similar mold to the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe, the bold study had an almost identical length and wheelbase with Mazda’s current CX-5 at 4,600mm (181.1 inches) and 2,700mm (106.3 inches) respectively.

Given the completeness of the car in these pictures, the finished model should appear at a motor show in the coming months, before going on sale towards the end of the year or in early 2017.

Thanks to Erik for the tip!

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