MR Car Design Creates A Track-Capable BMW M3

The naturally aspirated V8 M3 E9X was one of the halo sports cars of the last decade, especially as it came in a sedan variant that allowed you to scare the heck out of four of your friends.

And with 414 horses on tap, the Bimmer was a machine to be reckoned with, and it still is, especially if a tuner fiddles with its setup. Granted, MR Car Design didn’t push the car out of its comfort zone, but the software optimization performed by the German tuner was enough to increase the car’s power output to 450 hp and 430 Nm.

It might not sound outstanding in “tuning-land”, but that amount of grunt can easily pass as more than adequate, especially as the M3 can achieve speeds in excess of 300 km/h (180 mph) after the upgrade. And to let the V8 S65 engine really breathe, RM bedizened the car with a Akrapovic Evo exhaust system – which is a significant part of the BMW’s performance gains.

Sitting on 19-inch rims wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires with 10 mm spacer plates on the front axle and 15 mm in the rear, the car looks ready to tackle almost everything a racing track can throw at it. For sure, the KW Clubsport coilovers with camber regulation has a saying in the M3’s aggressive stance, while the H&R stabilizer kit improves the driving dynamics.

Visible through the rims is the yellow painted Stoptech braking system which offers 380×35 mm brake discs with six pistons brake calipers.

So, the original, stock offering was a track weapon to begin with, but MR Car Design added a scope and a silencer to this one, making it a lap-time sniping machine.