McLaren North America Announces New Leasing Deal

Want to drive a McLaren but don’t have enough money to purchase one? Well the company’s North American division has the answer with the announcement of a new financing and leasing programme.

McLaren North America has teamed up with Ally Financial to offer leasing for the automaker’s most popular two models, the entry-level 570S and the more-powerful 650S. The program is exclusive to the U.S. and will allow enthusiasts to lease a 2016 McLaren 570S for as little as $2,200 per month.

The length of the leasing terms have yet to be released nor have any details about possible mileage caps. Nevertheless, having the chance to drive a 570S daily for just over $2,000 a month doesn’t sound bad. In all likelihood however, the vast majority of customers opting for a lease will have to pay much more than that.

President of McLaren North America Anthony Joseph said “We are thrilled to announce the addition of leasing to our purchasing options, and fulfill what has been a regular request from our customers and dealers since we first set up U.S. operations in 2011. Ally Financial has been a wonderful partner to develop this bespoke program with, and we are excited to launch it today.

“The availability of leasing comes at a critical time for McLaren as we begin to deliver the 570S Coupe, which enters a segment where lease availability is critical to car sales.”