BMW Motorrad Brings Heads-Up Display Helmet And Laser Lights At CES

We’ve seen some of the goodies BMW is bringing at CES, but its motorcycle division will also be displaying two innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on 6-9 January 2016.

For the two-wheel aficionados, the Bavarian company will showcase laser light tech for motorcycles and a helmet with head-up display – technologies which, according to BMW, represent new standards of motorcycle safety.

Carrying the laser-light technology is the K 1600 GTL concept, using the same system found on BMW automobiles. In fact, the laser tech is already available on the new 7-Series as well as in the i8.

The laser-light headlights generate a particularly bright and pure-white light, achieving a high-beam range of up to 600 meters, in the process – double than the distance achieved by conventional lights. As a result, BMW says the safety of night-time riding has now increased significantly, along with the precise illumination of the road. Mind you, at the moment the technology is apparently too-cost intensive to implement in motorcycles, but the large-scale usage in the automobile industry could bring the price down eventually.

The head-up display helmet prevents the rider getting in a dangerous situation while glancing at the instrument cluster at high speed, canceling the brief second of distraction. Of course, the helmet is capable of providing a wide array of information projecting from necessary or desirable traffic or vehicle data directly into the rider’s field of view. All displays are freely programmable, as the unit is fitted with an integrated mini-computer and loudspeakers, is controlled from the left-hand handlebar fittings using the BMW Motorrad multicontroller.

BMW became the first European automobile manufacturer to introduce a head-up display as optional equipment for BMW automobiles