McLaren P1 On Brushed Dark Clear Wheels

The McLaren P1 never really had a problem with looking like it didn’t belong in the same century as pretty much most other cars on the road. Sometimes though, a couple of great images can make it look even better.

Take this gorgeous photoshoot, for example. The P1 looks stunning sitting on those brushed dark clear HRE P101 wheels. We’ve seen the same wheel design on both this white Carrera GT as well as on this red 918 Spyder

The multiple-spoke look works great with the overall shape of the P1. The car looks futuristic and elegant at the same time, which is reserved only for the top “players” of the automotive world.

HRE’s Series P1 wheel is designed for supercars, sports GTs, performance sedans and recently even SUVs, according to the manufacturer. Customers can purchase these lightweight, high-strength performance forged wheels measuring either 19″, 20″, 21″ or 22″. The HRE carbon fiber center caps are a must by the way, as they make those wheels “pop” visually.

In terms of finishes, aside from the Brushed Dark Clear, you can get the P101’s in either Satin Black, Textured Black, Gloss Black, Satin Silver, Gloss Silver, Satin Charcoal, Gloss Charcoal, Satin Bronze, Gloss Bronze, Gloss Gold, Gloss Red, Gloss White, Brushed Clear, Brushed Titanium, Brushed Copper, Brushed Gold, Brushed Red, Brushed Blue, Frozen Blue, Frozen iLectric Blue and even a couple of other custom colorways for which you’d have to contact HRE.

You could argue that no matter what design the wheels have on a 903 HP hypercar, you’ll obviously care more about the performance than anything else. But ownership is always different, and the proper set of wheels can help some of the most amazing cars in the world stand out even more.