Mercedes GLE Coupe Aggressively Suited Up By TopCar

The GLE Coupe’s stock appearance lends itself very well to tuners, as more and more aftermarket specialists garnish the coupe off-roader with visual accessories and power improvements.

The latest company to join the game is TopCar. Even though the “Inferno” package is a visual upgrade, it lends the Merc a even more aggressive look.

It might look like it’s got heaps of power, but that’s not the case, at least for now, because the engine remains completely stock. Nevertheless, TopCar’s offering is bound to be a head-turner.

The “Inferno” might be a tad too hot for prospective buyers’ pockets, as it will set you back $18,556 without the carbon fiber bits. If the exotic material is a must, then you’ll have to part with $21,957.

TopCar will probably offer more details about the car at its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March, although the kit is already available for order.