Nissan Pulsar Gets Rendered As A Station Wagon

While Nissan might not need an estate version of the Pulsar, as it might eat up some of the Qashqai’s meals in terms of customers focusing on practicality, this rendering does raise one or two interesting questions.

First of all, if the Japanese manufacturer is serious about marketing the Pulsar as a strong contender in the C-Segment, they could definitely use more than just one body style.

Right now, the Pulsar doesn’t look strong enough) to truly challenge the likes of Golf, Focus, 308 and Astra. Even so, it is very practical and spacious. Some will appreciate those traits, especially for the right price.

On the other hand, the C-segment main contenders come in estate guise, too, with the sole exception of the Mazda3. Missing out means you have less weapons to fight the opposition with.

Anyhow, in this rendering the D-Pillar design is similar to that of other modern-day Nissans like the Maxima, in the sense that it features a “floating” look. Not exactly ground breaking, not bad either. Will they build it? The odds are not in its favor, for most customers prefer SUVs to estates and the Japanese automaker has, so far, been a disciple of this trend.

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin