Tesla Model S Fire Investigation Clears Supercharger, Still Inconclusive

The investigation into a fire that destroyed a Tesla Model S at a Supercharger station in Norway hasn’t made us any wiser as to its actual cause.

The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board determined that the fire started in the car itself, not the Supercharger. Nevertheless, it could not find out the reason as the Model S was completely gutted and turned to a pile of twisted and melted metal.

This was inevitable as, when the local fire department responded, it was instructed not to douse the car in water for fear of a possible electrical hazard from the high voltage battery pack. So, they just watched it burn and ensured the fire didn’t spread to a nearby building.

When details and images of the inferno initially emerged, it seemed possible that the fire was caused by the Supercharger station, which would have been a first despite a small handful of Model S fires in 2013 and 2014.

As it seems, this was not the case. Well, something caused the fire anyway, though chances are we’ll never find out the culprit.

Image via Elisabeth Grosvold/NRK