Top Gear US Returning With Cuban Road Trip After Lengthy Hiatus

After last airing in October 2014 and all the trouble in BBC, many thought that the US version of Top Gear that airs on the History Channel had been cancelled.

Following a series of tweets from presenter Rutledge Wood however, we now know that isn’t the case.

Wood and co-presenter Adam Ferrara posted up a series of tweets showing them and Tanner Foust on set in Cuba for a special episode.

Cuba is known for the huge number of classic American cars in its streets. Prior to 1960, the vast majority of vehicles in Cuba were imported from the United States.

Then the US imposed an embargo, effectively cutting off the small country’s ability to import new cars. Thus, to this day, pre-1960 American models are still very much alive, many of them in perfect condition thanks to meticulous care and restoration by their owners.

The tweets from the Top Gear trio show that during their Cuban adventure, they’ll be driving at least three of these cars.

A release date for the new season hasn’t been released yet, but it’ll likely kick off within the next six months.