Robert Kubica’s Monte Carlo Rally Crash Is His Least Dramatic Ever

Rallying is a demanding motorsport discipline that requires constant attention, agility, and awareness; no matter the speed, apparently…

The 2016 WRC season kicked off in Monte Carlo, but it didn’t start that well for Robert Kubica. The ex-Formula 1 driver was just 6 km into the rally’s third stage (from Corps to La Salle en Beaumont), when his car slipped off an ice covered section and hit a tree. The video captured by a spectator shows exactly how the incident occurred, and although the speed was pretty low, the chassis was apparently too bent out of shape to be repaired, as the car suffered a similar accident at the pre-event test.

Adding insult to injury, Elfyn Evans’ car slid at the same spot, nudging Kubica’s Fiesta further into the ditch.

Kubica and his co-driver, Maciej Szczepaniak, walked away without a scratch, but the Polish racing driver expressed its disappointment to

“It’s very disappointing because we put a lot of effort in to being here. The road was completely dry before we came to the icy section. We did two corners on the ice and it felt quite okay. Then we arrived at the right-hander and I was just a passenger. The anti-lag was pushing me and unfortunately we slid off the road and hit a tree with the front left.”