Tuned Infiniti QX70 Channels Its Inner Cayenne

Aside from the stupendous VPS-313 Vossen wheels, this Infiniti QX70 is wearing a rather controversial Renegade body-kit.

Say what you will about the Cayenne, but it’s certainly at the top of the list when it comes to monstrous body-kits that turn an already sporty SUV into something overly aggressive that not a great deal of people tend to like.

You can make the same case for the Infiniti QX70. If you leave it alone, it’s rather sporty-looking. The long bonnet gives it a sort of muscle car-like appearance and the only thing you can do to it without messing up the aesthetics too much is fit it with the right set of custom wheels.

Whether this particular set of wheels is the “right” set, that’s up to you. Everybody’s got their own opinion as to which wheel designs look good and which don’t.

But the Renegade body kit, well, that’s an entirely different thing altogether. Once you apply those wide fender extensions, along with the side skirts and the massive front & rear spoilers, you’re looking at a whole new car, so to speak.

Again, some might like it, other might not, but if you can only say one thing about it, it’s that you won’t have any problems standing out when parking this 325 HP SUV at your local shopping mall. It’s not as massive as the Cayenne, and we’ve certainly seen the Porsche look beyond outrageous plenty of times, but this car is a lot like the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Also, if you had any problems placing where you’ve seen similar wheels to these before, it was on this F10 BMW 5-Series.