Volvo Honors Workforce With New XC60 Campaign

Following in the footsteps of the successful “Made By Sweden” theme it has been using recently, the Swedish automaker is now highlighting their own heroes, namely their workforce.

This stands in contrast to previous ad campaigns where they used celebrities like football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic and pop icons Robyn and Avicii, in order to build brand awareness.

The new campaign for the XC60 features employees from different backgrounds working in a wide range of roles within the company. From designers and engineers to workers on the factory floor, everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated.

According to Volvo’s senior VP or marketing sales & service, Bjorn Annwall, “a diverse workforce delivers many benefits. Different approaches and critical thinking are vital when creating something new. You just need to consider the huge success of the award-winning XC90 and our record sales in 2015 to understand the impact that diversity has at Volvo. We believe that a large part of Volvo’s continuing success can be attributed to diversity and what we call the Volvo spirit.”

Volvo’s goal is to offer a mix of functionality, leading safety and progressive design while continuing to build premium products across all ranges. The strategy isn’t simply to innovate for innovation’s sake, but to genuinely support and improve people’s lives, which is something the company has stressed several times in the past.

“Our workforce is growing by the year as our sales increase. At the moment we have close to 50 nationalities actively contributing to the design, development, marketing, sales and service of our cars. Diversity is not just about age, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity – it’s about harnessing the knowledge, experience and personalities of the people that come to work with us. We believe that diversity delivers better products”, concluded Annwall.

The new campaign will be aired both on TV and online and we’ll be sure to bring you some footage as soon as the ads start to roll in.