Innovative Suspension From DS Coming In 2018

We already known that Citroen is hard at work developing a radical new suspension system for 2017 and now it has emerged that the DS brand is also creating an innovative suspension setup due for a roll-out in 2018.

The sister brand of Citroen, DS just unveiled its all-new DS 3 model in Paris and interestingly, is developing its own suspension system unrelated to the one Citroen itself is developing.

Details about the DS system are limited but the company’s product and development boss Eric Apode did confirm that it won’t be related to Citroen’s well-known hydropneumatic system. It will instead draw on the latest developments in electronics and could therefore be completely variable and adjustable.

The French group itself is remaining similarly coy about its new suspension. Despite the relationship of the two companies, the technologies won’t be shared, probably because the aim is to further boost DS’ image as Citroen’s premium brand.

Whatever the DS suspension turns out to be like, Apode said that it will be in keeping with the company’s long history of innovation.

Story references: Autocar