You Can Buy This Ferrari F1 V10 For The Price Of A BMW M3

If you’ve had enough of extremely rare, multi-million dollar cars crossing the auction block, may we suggest an engine instead?

Not just any engine, of course, but a Tipo046/2 taken straight out of a Ferrari F310B Formula 1 racer.

True, the F310B (along with the exquisite engine) has never won a championship, even though it placed second in the 1997 season. Yet that year it did score 5 victories thanks mostly to Michael Schumacher’s talent.

It could have started Scuderia’s golden era earlier, too, if not for that incident in Jerez, where the German collided with Jacques Villeneuve’s Williams in a move that sparked much controversy and cost him the title.

Although RM Sotheby’s didn’t specify if the engine is functional or not, the 730hp V10 doesn’t appear to be missing any parts. Apart from the rest of the car, that is, because it comes solo.

Its history and contribution to Ferrari’s motorsport legacy brings it to an estimated price between €50.000 and €70.000. That’s $54,000 – $75,000; enough to buy you a fairly competent automobile like, say, a BMW M3.