A Base Porsche 718 Boxster Would Have Looked Something Like This In The 1980s

If you’re done playing around with Porsche’s online configurator for the new 718 Boxster, care to take a look at a rendering that shows what a true base version of the roadster – think 1980s style – might look like?

Created by X-Tomi, it replaces the 718 Boxster’s regular bumpers and side skirts with unpainted plastic parts. Things get weirder when it comes to the rims because the alloys, which are a “must” for most vehicles these days, were dropped and replaced with steel wheels – hey, look on the bright side; it would be harder to bend them, so more money in your pocket, in the end.

If this model ever existed, then similar cost-cutting measures would be performed throughout the cabin, where most of the features would be dropped, including leather, aluminum and even the infotainment system; imagine a modern Porsche with no electric windows and cheap plastics.

As it’s already powered by a four-cylinder engine, bringing a smaller unit doesn’t make sense even in this purely hypothetical scenario, but perhaps a de-tuned version with a little over 200hp does.

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