Donkervoort Teases Its 2016 Line-up

Whether you like it or not, Donkervoort’s models are the ultimate evolution of the Lotus Seven, and the Dutch company just teased its new 2016 line-up of hand-built, ultra-lightweight sports cars.

In Donkervoort’s own words, the successful D8 GTO series is going a step further, a step bigger, and a step more extreme. So, as if an Audi-sourced, 2.5-litre, TFSI five-cylinder engine with 367 PS and 342 lb-ft of torque on tap wasn’t enough for a light roadster, the line-up will see the comeback of the hardcore GTO-RS model, as well as the GTO-R.

But the GTO-S will be the ultimate Donkervoort for the street, taking the place of the outgoing D8 GTO as one of the world’s fastest street legal sports cars. Still, this time, the vehicle will focus on even more comfort, especially during normal street use, tours and, as the car maker recommends, on the “wonderful mountain roads in Europe and beyond”. The D8 GTO-S will start delivery in March 2016, from a starting price of €115,173 ($128,106), excluding taxes.

The GTO-RS is described as “the return of the legend”, with the same (great) ambitions to those of its predecessor. Unfortunately, the car manufacturer didn’t offer any further details, but the last D8 “RS”-branded machine went around the Nurburgring in a blistering 7:14.89 in 2005 – braking the lap record. Donkervoort goes on saying that this model was developed in total secrecy during the past four years from scratch, and it will be the ultimate D8 GTO. Only 40 units will be made beginning with June 2016, and it will have a starting price of €151,173 ($168,072), excluding taxes.

Last but not least is the D8 GTO-R, the first purebred racing car, developed and dedicate only for track use. Available from autumn of 2016, the car won’t be street legal (although the exclusive car maker says it will be more than welcome at the many circuits around the word), and will require you to dig deep in your pockets for at least €251,173 ($279,429), excluding taxes.