Drive Porsche’s New 718 Boxster On Your Own Track

Gordon Robertson, Chief Driving Consultant at the Porsche Experience Centre in Silverstone, took the new 718 Boxster for a tail-happy spin around the track.

The roadster, a range-topping “S”, was put to the test over a specially designed course that focused on how the laws of physics affect it in acceleration, braking and sideways action.

However, this is only the beginning, as Robertson states that the current track is nothing more than “a blank canvas” and challenges Porsche fans to configure their ideal one.

The winner of the best design will be awarded a special prize: go to Silverstone to drive on his/her track for real.

What could be better than driving a spectacular course in a spectacular car? Well, designing and driving the course yourself. Watch how the 718 Boxster is being put through its paces in Silverstone“, writes the manufacturer in the description.

To take part in the contest you will have to visit Porsche’s microsite that was launched just a few days before the new 718 Boxster’s Geneva premiere.