Domino’s Presents DXP Pizza Delivery Vehicle & Best Microsite Ever [w/Video]

After announcing their 2015 Chevy Spark-based pizza delivery car at the end of last year, it almost seemed like Domino’s weren’t going to make too big of a deal about the DXP.

Yet here it is, in all its pizza-warming glory! This car actually has an oven where the left rear door should be, plus lots of custom storage spaces for drinks and sauces.

There’s a puddle light in the form of the Domino’s logo that can help the driver keep his or her feet dry when getting out of the car, and the DXP can be personalized to include its driver’s name, call sign and more, kind of like with fighter jets. Permission to fire deliver granted!

This heavily customized Spark is capable of carrying up to 80 pizzas, which should make delivering those pies a lot more efficient throughout the workday.

Last, but certainly not least, they’ve put together this dedicated microsite where you can find out all you need to know about the DXP. It’s amazingly interactive and loads of fun, so we recommend you check it out and maybe order yourself something with extra pepperoni, BBQ sauce etc.