Failed Internal Crash Tests Reportedly Delayed Alfa Romeo Giulia Launch

Developing a BMW 3-Series fighter turned out to be tricky for Alfa Romeo, as the Giulia is months behind schedule.

Quoting supplier sources, AutoNews reports that the Italian brand’s new model has failed to pass internal front, side and rear crash tests, which has led to extensive re-engineering of the car and has added another six months to development time.

The initial plan stated that the high-performance sedan, the Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde, should have been launched in Europe by the end of 2015, while the entry-level Giulia should have been presented in March this year.

The latest info reveals that the Giulia QV should go into production on March 31 and deliveries inItaly, are expected to begin between late May and early July. Standard versions of the vehicle, equipped with 2.0-liter gasoline and 2.2-liter diesel engines, will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show, next month, but an exact production start  hasn’t been announced yet.

Americans will have to pay around $70,000 for the range-topper Giulia QV, while in Europe, it will start from €79,000, or the equivalent of $84,000.