Man’s Head Pinned Between His Car And A Wall In A Freak McDonald’s Drive-Thru Accident

This is a very weird accident, if not the weirdest we’ve come across these past few years.

This dash-cam footage was released from Tooele police, showing a man with his head trapped between his car and a wall at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

A report from KSL says the incident happened last week with the officers stating that wind blew money out of the hand of the 19-year-old driver while he was at the drive-thru’s window, when somehow his foot slipped off the brake and onto the throttle as he opened the door to pick the money off the ground.

The man was unconscious and not moving at the time with the footage showing the police officers breaking the passenger’s window in order to access the ignition and gear-lever to prevent the car from further moving forward and causing more injury to the unlucky driver.

The officers are also seen to be pushing the car backwards in order to reach the injured 19-year-old. The man was initially listed in critical condition but this week he was upgraded to stable.