Marshawn Lynch Selling His ‘Beast Mode’ Wrangler

Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has decided to put his custom ‘Beast Mode’ Jeep Wrangler up for sale on eBay with bids starting at $90,000.

The fact that Lynch just announced his retirement from football during Super Bowl weekend may or may not affect just how attractive this car is going to look in the eyes of both Seahawks fans as well as those of us who really enjoyed watching Marshawn fearlessly attack opposing defenders.

Also, if anybody’s genuinely interested in the car, they should get their money situation in order because the auction runs only until February 12th, so get all over this eBay link in order to bid for the car as well as to support underprivileged youths.

As for the product itself, we do know it cost no more than $35,020 before it was seriously modified by the Custom & Performance Vehicle Division at McLoughlin Chrysler Jeep in Portland, OR. The designers added a new grille, a mean-looking hood as well as angry green ‘halo’ headlights – among plenty of other things.

Inside, you’ve got custom leather seats with the ‘Beast Mode’ logo as well as Marshawn’s signature all over the place.

There are a whole bunch of mods that made their way onto this car, but it’s best you check everything out for yourself and let us know if you think the car is either a beast (in a good way) or just another silly-looking Wrangler.

H/T to celebritycarsblog