Ferrari 458 Italia With Misha Designs Bodykit Looks Like A Mini-Hypercar

Few tuning companies come close to matching the extravagance offered by Liberty Walk, but Misha Designs certainly does its fair share of vying for the top.

The special widebody kit for Ferrari 458 Italia was revealed late last year, but has only now been featured in a glamorous official photoshoot thanks to Car Ninja.

Misha Designs left the 458’s howling 4.5-liter V8, focusing instead on styling. Its widebody kit transforms the Ferrari into a much more aggressive looker, with seems almost as a smaller version of a track-only version special like the FXX K.

At the front, the kit includes a bespoke fascia with blacked-out air intakes and a black front splitter. Additionally, a custom hood is included in the package as are eye-catching canards. Things then start to get crazy at the sides thanks to lowered skirts and, most notably, the flared rear wheel arches that are 3-inches wider each side than stock.

These house a set of aftermarket wheels, which in this case, have a yellow rim and gloss black spokes. The bodykit is completed at the rear by a towering wing, pointed diffuser and a unique red element running down from the decklid and around the three tailpipes.

Story references:, Images via Car Ninja