Ford Begins Testing Next-Gen 2018 Focus Mules

Since this is the first time any of us have laid eyes on what’s to become Ford’s next-generation Focus hatchback, all we can say is that this test mule is a lot more mysterious than it is revealing.

However, we can point out a couple of things, such as the fact that we’re looking at a different hood, with a seam running down the middle, as opposed to the current design which doesn’t have any design feature in that particular place.

It is however safe to assume that the finished product will grow in both length and width as far as its exterior dimensions are concerned – which is another thing that we can take away from the images, specifically by looking at the rear tires and how they’re not exactly centered under the wheel arches. Other than that, Ford has done a pretty good job at hiding what’s underneath this Focus Mk3 body.

By the way, this test mule also happens to be right hand drive, though we can’t really take anything else away from that interior, seen as how our spy photographers weren’t able to get close enough – plus Ford would be nuts to leave a new-gen interior completely uncovered or not hidden under Mk3 plastics.

In terms of tech, the next-generation Ford Focus could feature similar tech to that of the facelifted Mondeo, such as the CCD suspension with pothole mitigation, plus a wide array of new active safety and connectivity features.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops