Gamer Ali-A Drives Formula E Car In Buenos Aires

YouTube sensation Ali-A recently got the chance to trade in his gaming console for a chance to drive a real-life Formula E car.

In case you’re not familiar with his work, Ali-A has a massive YouTube channel where his gaming videos sometimes even go beyond the 1 million view mark. He’s also the same person that got to take a ride with Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG last year, and of course loved every second of it.

But how does any of that compare with getting behind the wheel of a Formula E car and blasting through Argentina’s Buenos Aires street circuit? Well, check out the footage in order to see for yourselves, but it’s pretty much as expected.

Any car enthusiast would love to get a chance to drive pretty much any professional race car, regardless of track or setting.

Naturally, there were certain corners where he seemed to be a little too careful with the car, but that’s only normal when you’re not accustomed to racing in Formula E. In the end he does say that he wanted to really experience the power of the car, which he did on the main straight.