Irmscher Revises The Karl, Opel’s Entry Level Model

Opel’s cheapest offering, the Karl, has received a makeover from Irmscher.

The German tuning company offers a variety of customization options for all Opel vehicles, and the its city car is the latest to undergo a subtle transformation, becoming the “Race Edition” under Irmscher’s watchful eyes and tuning expertise.

Garnished with sporty accessories for a more dynamic look, the Karl received hood stripes, side decals and 16-inch Turbo Star alloys. Okay, maybe the white elements don’t scream subtle, but considering the scarcity of actual mods, they had to stand out somehow.

Step into the Karl’s cabin and you’ll be greeted by velour floor mats with silver edging and “Race Edition” embroidery. So, if you want to, as Irmscher puts it, “combine practicality with looks and attract attention in the city”, you can pick up one of the 100 special editions that will be made.

The company doesn’t mention anything about an engine upgrade, which means the Karl will most likely come with a 1.0-litre, 74 hp 3-cylinder engine. It might not be in line with the sports theme, but at least it’s good for turning 66 mpg (4.3L/100 Km).