Londoners Terrified After Bus Blows Up For New Jackie Chan Film

A number of Londoners were left in a panic when a double-decker bus exploded on the Lambeth Bridge on Sunday morning, but it was all a stunt for an upcoming film starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.

The controlled explosion ripped the bus to pieces and sent the bodies of dummies flying in all directions, understandably frightening locals in a scene eerily similar to the 7/7 London bombings.

The explosion was for a scene in The Foreigner, based on Stephen Leather’s book “The Chinaman” and directed by Martin Campbell, the man who helmed the likes of Casino Royale and Golden Eye.

Immediately after the dramatic explosion, a number of fearful locals took to social media to report what they’d seen prompting local MP Nigel Huddleston to confirm that it was indeed just for the film and not as many suspected, a terrorist attack.

Locals were warned of the controlled explosion through detailed letters and signs on the street.