Ford Wants Toyota Prius Rival, Might Build It In Mexico

Besides the expansion of the RS lineup, Ford’s plans for the future reportedly include the introduction of a Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ioniq rival.

The green vehicle, which is currently unnamed, will be capable of running on battery power at low speeds and for short distances, as WSJ reports. It will be produced in a new assembly complex, in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, which will have an annual capacity of around 350,000 vehicles.

The new plant, along with a separate expansion of the Cuautitlan factory, where another150,000 automobiles will be built, will allow Ford to focus its U.S. factories on higher profit SUVs and trucks.

One of the company’s Mexican facilities will assemble the Focus, currently produced north of the border at Dearborn, while the Michigan factory should build a new Bronco SUV and a Ranger pickup truck, over the next few years.

The compact car and the Toyota Prius rival will join other vehicles currently produced by Ford in Mexico, including the Fiesta, assembled in Cuautitlan, a factory more than 50 years old. The Hermosillo plans, where the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ are assemble, is not expected to be part of the expansion.

Note: Ford Fusion Hybrid pictured