Mazda Recalls CX-5 Over Potential Fuel Leak, Halts Deliveries

More than 260,000 CX-5s are being recalled in the United States by Mazda.

The issue, which affects 264,463 CX-5 models from 2014-2016, involves a fuel-filler pipe that can crack during rear-end crashes, potentially spilling petrol on the road and across the car, increasing the risk of a fire.

The company has yet to reveal how it intends to resolve the problem. In all likelihood, it will just replace the fuel-filler pipe of the popular crossover.

Before the necessary parts to fix the fuel leak arrive, Mazda has issued a stop-sale order to its US dealerships to ensure no additional customers take delivery of their vehicles before the problem is rectified.

In the meantime, Mazda owners can request a loan or rental car.