Take A Tour Around McLaren’s New 570 GT

McLaren expanded the lineup of the Sport Series with the addition of the 570GT, essentially a softer, more luxurious and spacier version of the 570S set up for touring.

It may sound like a strange idea at first, but the concept of a more practical, less edgy mid-engined sports car is actually pretty clever.

The new McLaren 570GT features a larger rear glass which combined with the standard fixed panoramic roof gives a much more airy feeling to the cabin, not to mention the better visibility.

The new treatment at the back of the cabin also means that the McLaren 570GT now has an extra 220lt of storage space on top of the already available 150lt frunk. A set of softer springs and a quieter exhaust offer greater comfort over longer trips. Even the standard Pirelli P-Zero tires feature a noise-cancelling system.

Evo magazine gives us the opportunity to preview this new and unusual Macca in a very detailed video, pointing out all the changes that turned the 570S into the 570GT.