This Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Has Seen Better Days

One minute it’s a sparkling sculpture on four wheels, the next a wreck heading for the scrapyard.

The incident apparently took place in Casablanca, Morocco, where this this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster ended up in a sorry state.

There is no info on what caused the accident. However, as you can see in the images, its rear end has been heavily damaged. Even if the insurance company does not decide it’s a total write-off, it’s going to need some very serious, and expensive, work to bring it back to shape.

Thankfully, the passengers have in all likelihood walked unharmed, as the airbags haven’t deployed. In the worst case scenario, that’s one Aventador Roadster less on the road. Good thing Lamborghini is still making them, then. If that’s the same car that’s in the video that follows, which was posted two years ago, then maybe the owned would consider another color. How’s that light blue for a change?

Photo Credits: Younes & Nassim Photography