Toyota Would Prefer UK To Remain In The EU

United Kindom’s current situation regarding the European Union referendum cannot be overlooked by the major car manufacturers with plants on British soil.

One of them is Toyota and, though it dismissed fears over Britain’s possible withdrawal from Brussels, it wouldn’t like a “Brexit”.

In a statement released on 23 February, Toyota said it chose the UK for its first major manufacturing operations in Europe because of the open and free European market, the availability of a skilled workforce, and the presence of strong network of suppliers, continuing building cars in the English Midlands, offering reassurance to its employees.

“We have carefully considered the implications for our manufacturing operations, should the UK leave the European Union. We are committed to our people and investments, so we are concerned that leaving would create additional business challenges. As a result, we believe continued British membership of the EU is best for our operations and their long term competitiveness.”

Toyota’s UK operations are doing great, as it manufactures vehicles, engines and parts, exports 90 percent of the production and supports thousands of jobs. On the other hand, if the country were to change its status, they’d not shut down of course, but certainly reevaluate the situation as far as costs are concerned.