Would You Buy A Ford Mustang Shooting Brake?

Over the years, there have been numerous coach-built Shooting Brakes, from Corvettes to Ferraris, to name but two.

How about a Mustang, though? No, it hasn’t been commissioned (yet, anyway), but Rain Prisk asked itself the same question.

Delete the slammed-down look and… hey, it does look like a GTC4Lusso with a Mustang front end. Or vice versa. The Ferrari obviously was the inspiration behind this, but they could have done worse than drawing from Maranello’s latest.

If, in a parallel universe, Ford pulled out such a trick, would you even consider placing a deposit for one? Keep in mind that the entry-level V6 Coupe has an MSRP of just $24,145 in the States before answering, will you?