Ben Affleck Surprises Fans In The New Batmobile From Batman Vs Superman

Batman v Superman actor Ben Affleck dropped by Warner Bros studios in order to surprise some of the fans with the movie’s very own Batmobile.

Affleck first duck inside the car listening in on visitors who picked Superman over Batman (his own character in the movie), only to then surprise those people by opening the hatch and playfully challenging what they had said.

The actor even went on to drive the Batmobile and offered studio visitors a quick ride – something that no Batman fan would ever turn down.

Affleck also announced that people can now win a ride in the Batmobile as long as they donate a little something to the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), which was founded by Affleck and fights to bring stability and self-sufficiency to the Congo. It’s not a large donation, and what can be better than helping out those in need and getting to ride in one of the world’s most legendary machines?

You’ll find out everything you need to know at the end of the video, plus there’s a link in the description, almost as if to make it painfully easy for Batman fans to participate over at Omaze.


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