Brabus Tesla Model S Zero Emission Is Electrifying

Brabus is known for offering thorough tuning programs that completely change the character of the vehicles based on them, but how can a Telsa P90D be furether improved?

Well, it can’t, at least not performance-wise, that’s why the German tuning company focused its engineering and knowledge on making it more aerodynamic, stiff and more eye-catching. In other words, Brabus made its looks match its punch (a 772 PS / 761 HP power figure in “Ludicrous Mode”).

Sporting tailor-made aerodynamic enhancements – as Brabus describes the body kit – the Tesla features visual components that were sculpted and developed in the wind-tunnel, using state-of-the-art 3D scanning and CAD tech. Naturally, the material of choice is carbon-fiber, protected by a high-gloss or matte coating. Every add-on on the car, starting with the side air intakes and ending with the rear carbon diffuser, is optimized to deflect air, reduce lift or optimize the cooling flow to the radiators. according to Brabus.

The Model S’ interior was also included into the customization program, and Brabus electrified it with stainless-steel scuff plates with the company’s backlit logo, leather and Alcantara, and newly developed center console (placed where the transmission tunnel normally is in a regular car). The console comes with integrate cup holders that can be set to cooling or heating, and with a wireless smartphone charger.



    • Six_Tymes


      cap locks ON.

  • thunder bolt

    the air scoop is for what now?

  • Howstar

    weight savings?
    CF panels, stripped back interior, forged/ CF wheels, maybe a bit of hardware as well