Buick Boss Not Interested In Opel Adam, Hints At Future Halo Car

As buyers tend to move to crossovers and SUVs, Buick believes there is no need for a chic city car anymore to compete against the MINI and Fiat 500.

Speaking with AutomotiveNews, Duncan Aldred, the head of Buick, dismissed a B-segment car and said that he is “thrilled” with the brand’s current portfolio.

I very much did feel when I came over that that could really help accelerate the Buick brand story. I don’t see that as much. Whether the market shifted or the fashion nature of those cars has changed, I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be looking for a small, B-segment car today“, he said.

The new statement follows a report from last year, in which Aldred expressed interest in seeing a Buick-badged version of the Opel/Vauxhall Adam.

Despite the supermini won’t be added to Buick’s lineup, the manufacturer’s chief believes that the Envision, Cascada and the 2017 LaCrosse, which will hit the market this summer, will help push the firm’s sales above last year’s total of 223,055 units.

Aldred continued to talk about Buick’s future portfolio and he didn’t rule out the possibility of a flagship vehicle, which might be inspired by the Avista Coupe or Avenir Sedan studies: “We’ll have three sedans, three crossovers and a halo. I think most brands would say, ‘Yeah, that’s a great portfolio’.


  • AstonMartin


  • Six_Tymes

    hes got a point.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Duncan Aldred, the head of Buick, dismissed a B-segment car and said that he is “thrilled” with the brand’s current portfolio.

    Glad someone is.

  • Raf

    A halo car would do way more for Buick than a crap city car. Do it Buick, build the Avista!

    • Bo Hanan

      Both cars would bring in new (read: younger) customers to Buick. I see a Mini-like boutique car and a GNX predecessor. Both would threaten Caddy & Chevy offerings and will never see daylight.

      • Raf

        I see where you’re coming from, I just have a strong dislike for city cars. Halo ftw

    • NoFear

      “crap city car” – Did you hear something about Opel Adam S ???

      Turbocharged engine with 150 HP, 18-inch wheels, large OPC brakes, Recaro Sport seats with Nappa leather.


      • Raf

        Fair enough I just don’t like city cars.

        • emjayay

          So, you don’t live in an urban area and use street parking.

    • Yoyo

      So it’s “crap” because it’s a small city car? Is that how you look at things? You probably think the BIGGER it is the BETTER it is. Weak way of thinking.

    • Vassilis

      The Adam is a very good car actually.

  • Deckard_Cain

    I think that Buick’s growth is being held back by the top brass of GM. It seems that their growth is ruffling some feathers with Cadillac.
    GM should really consider focusing on growing Buick since they seem to have a higher margin for growth even if it means a partial uncoupling of their products from Opel/Vauxhall’s lineup.

    I can’t help but think that their design is more appreciated in other countries besides the US than that of Cadillac.

    • Raf

      This is true. Cadillac’s design is very American yet feels slightly outdated; it’s time for a change.

  • Yoyo

    A nice looking small hatch that THEY won’t sell in the US? I’m SHOCKED! I’ve NEVER heard THAT one before. I’m SO surprised……….. Right.

  • Dan Facciolo

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Buick must be replaced by Opel in America.

    • Aaron Brown

      No f-ing way. Buick i s our oldest car brand now. It’s a classic. Why replace an old loved brand with a brand no one has heard of?

      • emjayay

        When the cars are all identical anyway (except for the Buicks that are bigger than any Opels).

  • emjayay

    I don’t see the upscale mini car as a growing segment. Minis have branched out to several bigger versions. But particularly for people using street parking at home or at work in urban areas, a car that size has definite advantages and if I still lived in the upper Haight or a more central area of Brooklyn and wanted to have a car that is what I would buy. So a Buick Adam wouldn’t sell that many, but would be very useful in continuing to change the Buick brand perception among the young single urban types in particular – people who grow up to be sedan and SUV buyers later or continue to be small car buyers, or both. Since it’s already a thing, it would seem like it wouldn’t be that bad an idea to sell it here, either made where they all are made in Germany or here. Even if they didn’t make money on them in the US it would be a good idea in terms of long term PR.

    They didn’t even bother to give the Cascada a Buick waterfall grille, but just plugged the Buick emblem in the round emblem space instead of the Opel lightning bolt. All Cascadas are built in Poland. They aren’t spending much on the more niche Opels like the Cascada as Buicks, so why not the Adam. Probably sell a lot more than Cascadas.

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