Future Cars: Lincoln’s 2018 Navigator Of Continental Proportions

Arguably one of the most senior members in its segment, Lincoln’s Navigator full-size SUV has undergone its fair share of updates over time. And by time, we’re talking many years here, as aspects like the door-frames and roofline date back to the first generation model launched in 1998.

Nevertheless, with Ford’s renewed investment in its luxury division, there is fresh hope for the Navigator. So we’ve taken an illustrated look at how Lincoln’s next luxo-barge may shape up.

Stately Styling:

We’ve seen the all-new Continental and refreshed MKZ wearing Lincoln’s new corporate face; and chances are that the Navigator will follow suit with a muscular twist. The frontal area in this study mimics that of the Continental – albeit with a stout SUV appearance. The circular fog lamps and headlamp fixtures give it a modern touch, while the side surfacing is a layered mix of sculptured panel and chrome-work.

Under The Skin:

As with most carmakers, platform-sharing across a wide range of vehicles and sub-brands is fairly common practice. The Navigator will be based on the upcoming 2017 Ford Expedition and the new F-150 benefitting from an aluminum-intensive body structure. Now, some may snub their noses at this, but utilizing a high-strength steel frame with a lightweight aluminum body is a blessing in disguise. Such a move could yield up to 700 lbs in weight savings.

Boosted Powertrains:

As with the current version, a forced-induction lineup is on the cards. Cue a 400hp, 3.0L direct-injection, twin-turbo V6 from the Continental sitting as a base option. Ford’s second generation 3.5-liter, EcoBoost V-6; will serve as a top-tier offering, bringing at least 450hp via a 10-speed auto and AWD.

Other powertrain options could include a hybrid, with a gasoline-electric unit offering gobs of torque. Alternatively, there’s a V6 diesel unit currently being tested in the F-150 that may find its way under the hood – but would it suit Lincoln’s image?

Big Bodied Rivals:

Cadillac’s Escalade, offering standard and ESV long-wheelbase variants, is Lincoln’s biggest thorn in the side. The Navigator will be looking to trump GM’s adversary, by offering more space, more luxury (including the Continental’s 30-way power seats) and a lighter package. In theory, other competitors include BMW’s upcoming X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Lexus LX 570, Audi Q7, Land-Rover Range Rover and Infinity QX80.

Expect Lincoln’s aluminum-bodied full-size SUV to appear later this year or early 2017. In the meantime, share your thoughts on this larger-than-life Navigator study in the comments below.

By Josh Byrnes

Photo Renderings Copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes

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  • Hobochicken

    I just gagged. That rear end looks horrendous.

    • rover10

      That rear treatment is bang on the money, just look at the number of manufactures who are including the floating ‘C’ pillar in their new designs. The only problem I have with this element, will Lincoln be brave enough to do it?

      • Enter Ranting

        The floating “C” pillar is a silly, pointless fad. It looks clunky and ill-formed, like cartoonish Elvis sideburns. I have yet to see a car where this design abortion works.

        • rover10

          The floating ‘C’ or ‘B’ pillars is an effective design tool in creating an uninterrupted line through the upper structure, without being punctuated by the pillars. This Lincoln proposal demonstrates how it can work successfully.

        • gary4205

          This thing is a Ford Flex with some goofy styling bits, nothing more. The Flex is actually attractive, for what it is. This is vomit worthy!

    • dumblikeyou2

      I can see this working well for replacing their decrepit full-size SUVs, but the issue with this rendering is that it’s merely a Continental scaled up, stretched and skewed horizontally and vertically. That’s why it looks funky. But it does give a good idea of the “possibilities” if you consider Lincoln’s current design efforts such.

  • Kash

    Kill it! Oh my god! delete this article! My cancer from that “insane” Ferrari article is getting cancer! it hurts so much!

  • Nordschleife

    I know this is a render but just stop Lincoln.

    • Kash

      it’s not by Lincoln! that’s the worst part! It’s done by someone working for this site!

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Bo Hanan

    I see a boat sitting on a dock waiting to be “christened” and pushed into the water.
    No wonder the Lincoln designers all hide.

    • James Denz

      This is NOT a design done by Lincoln. It’s just a rendering done by Carscoops.

    • Karl

      That is not true! I have seen Lincoln’s new design director David Woodhouse all over the television talking with anyone who would listen about the anew Continental and Lincoln’s design direction!

  • Patrick

    i like it

  • Galaxium

    this looks like a hearse.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      Nearly, I’d take the h & e out of your last word and change to an. 🙂

  • TheBelltower

    It would be depressing if this were the last car to ever ride in. Looks like a hearse.

  • pcurve

    Best looking hearse I’ve seen in years.

  • Carlos Gamarra

    And joining the list of the Ford Edsel and Pontiac Aztek, we have… this

  • Rasta_Farian


  • roy

    this render is like the idea of donald trump becoming the next us prez

    • James Denz

      Who’s your pick. The habitual liar or the socialist?

      • roy

        considering the cluster i would rather pick a cat

      • gary4205

        People who still love America and the Constitution are standing with Ted Cruz.

  • The back looks too long, but as much as I rather see prefacelift Lincoln Design come back, this is not bad. Looks way modern than current Navigator and might have chances to take back some market shares.

  • Sébastien

    Face reminds me of the original Q7

  • Rick Astley
    • Tumbi Mtika

      That’s better…

  • What_Tha

    That grill needs to go down further, and what the hell is going on with that C Pillar?

  • Pedro Pereira

    Looks like a freaking hearse.

  • Craig

    It’s not that far off from being very nice looking.

    • donald seymour

      Thank you Craig. I believe so too. I guess everybody can’t see what we see. Its not bad at all. I mean the back is awkward, but besides that, I believe it will be a looker.

      • Karl

        Agreed,just ignore the back and concentrate on the front!

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    FFS, just put a Lincoln badge on a Greyhound bus and be done with it.

  • Jimbo

    Nice looking hearse.

  • Bob White

    100% hearse. BTW Ford, this is a dying business. LMAO

  • donald seymour

    Josh, I think your predictions are great. I think it will look the part.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Hoozyadatty

    Very nice, though not a fan of the floating C pillar. Also…I know it’s just a rendering, but the rear overhang is way too much. Build it with an elegant high quality interior and Lincoln has a hit on their hands.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    No different from an Escalade XL which seems to be all the rage.
    Stretch versions will be the barge-of-choice for bridal parties and proms.

  • Dennis James

    I may be the only one, but I really like it, the stance of the car, everything.

  • Dan Facciolo

    it looks like a whale’s vagina

  • CAM357

    This is much nicer and better then what Lincoln Navigators designers has done the current refreshment design is weak and who bad ideal was it to replace the V8 engine with only a V6 3.5L EcoBoost when real big SUV owners expert a V8 in their large SUV truck. This design need to be a little more elegant with high end quality interior and bigger chrome grille and then this will be a great Navigator come back hit for Lincoln. The floating C pillar is different but it doesn’t bother me, I think it will go over well if the overall quality is done right, as for the hearse comments I don’t see that at all and for the record I’m a long time Navigator owner who refuse to buy a new V6 engine Navigator for $74K. Good job Josh hopefully Lincoln will step their game up finally.

  • gary4205


  • J Eric Thompson

    I don’t know who saw what before rendering this pic, but it’s remarkably close to the concept Ford just unveiled at NYIAS. Good work.

  • Paul Hojda

    At first I thought it was a hearse

  • yo

    um. once again you got this rendering WAY wrong. The concept looks NOTHING like this. Who are you paying to do your renderings?

  • Benjamin B.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a hybrid as Ford has confirmed a future F-150 hybrid. The current version of the Navigator uses a higher output version of the first generation 3.5L that produces more horsepower and torque already using premium fuel. I expect the new version to remain premium only and to bump power from Expedition. A hybrid option paired with 3.5L will scare Volvo XC90 owners.

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