Gemballa GT Cabrio Rears Its… Different Rear

Some love the 911 for its iconinc shape alone, while others would like to personalize theirs beyond the various options offered by the factory.

Enter Porsche specialist tuners such as Gemballa, who have already done their homework.

Back when Gemballa first got their hands on a 911 Cabrio, they announced they would give it a new styling kit consisting of a front spoiler with three large cooling intakes, side skirts, new rear bumper and a diffuser that incorporates three exhaust tips on each end. Yes, that’s 6 in total!

Also, customers can get either 20″ or 21″ forged alloy wheels, as well as bespoke Brembo brakes and a tuned sports suspension.

This is a white GT Cabrio which looks quite different to previous iterations of the car, mainly because of they used dark inserts at the rear, which contrasts nicely to the white body and is more obvious than the previous gray one Gemballa first showed it to us.

As for engine power, the tuner has shied away from any changes. Being a pre-facelift Carrera S, this means a naturally aspirated flat-six with 400 PS and 440 Nm (324 lb-ft) of torque. We could live with that…