Hacker Says Tesla P100D Heading Our Way

What more can you ask from a 90 kWh battery powered Tesla that can develop 762 HP in Ludicrous Mode and can sprint from standstill to 100 Km/h in 2.8 seconds? More autonomy, obviously, as it already comes with heaps of power.

And it seems that the American car manufacturer is willing to deliver more of everything, along with a Model S sporting the “P100D” moniker. That translates into an all-wheel-drive car with a 100 kWh battery pack that can represent the step forward towards the 300-mile driving range benchmark.

The information was discovered by a hacker named Jason Hughes – who specializes in testing and improving security systems, and who decoded Tesla’s firmware updates. To make matters even more interesting, Hughes didn’t announce the information, but instead muddled it with a hash and challenged the Tesla Motors Club forum members to decrypt the data.

Moreover, on the forum, Hughes stated that the P100D reference isn’t the only thing he found, saying:

“There have been references to the P100D in firmwares as early as 2 months ago. They finally added the badges to 2.13.77. I mucked it up a bit by adding a crappy background (it’s a PNG with transparency in the firmware).

There are quite a few things that are in the firmware that I’m not prepared to share publicly. Just like the P100D has been in there for months with my lips mostly sealed. I don’t want to spoil all of Tesla’s surprises.”

From an odd tweet exchange between Hughes and Musk, we gather that Tesla tried to intervene and downgrade the man’s firmware; Unsuccessfully, as Musk praised him.

H/T to Jalopnik!