Jay Leno Takes A Look At F&F Star Sung Kang’s Datsun 240Z

After gaining universal appraisal at the last SEMA Show, Sung Kang took his wide-body Datsun 240Z to Jay Leno’s Garage.

The Datsun ‘Fugu Z’ is the personal dream car of the famous actor who built it with the help of GReddy, Tra-Kyoto and HiTech.

Their goal was to create a restomodded track-friendly car, staying faithful to Nissan. The iconic RB26 straight-six engine was the natural next step, with Sung Kang opting for the extremely rare naturally aspirated DE version.

The wide body is courtesy of a Rocket Bunny kit while the interior features a roll cage and the absolute basics only, keeping even the factory steering wheel. The ‘Fugu Z’ will also be included in a future version of Gran Turismo as well.

The whole clean approach of the build is really the highlight here and we can’t stress enough how much we like it and approve.


  • TheBelltower

    Ooooh nice! The 240Z is the first car I ever lusted after. Visually, I prefer it without such aggressive fender flares or the JDM mirrors.

  • john1168

    What a great ride! It’s a little on the loud side for me but it’s built for the track so I get it. I always wanted to buy one of these but it’s really hard in the NE USA to find one that won’t give you a bad case of tetanus from just looking at it. I wonder how much was spent to restomod this car.

  • Dwayne Lawrence

    10:28… Japanese J.R. Ewing

  • “It´s like taking a hot japanese girl y putting her on a chicken diet and making squats” xD

  • what is the small car next to the SM in the background?

  • john

    owned a 1970 240Z loved it

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Gorgeous car. And the owner is a really really funny guy.