Koenigsegg Won’t Make An SUV, But Considers A Four Door Model

Now that Koenigsegg has finally debuted the road-worthy variant of the Regera, the only thing missing from its line-up is a SUV, right?

Don’t get us wrong, Koenigsegg has the technical expertise to build one, but the company’s headmaster, Christian von Koenigsegg, doesn’t really like the idea, as he explained to Top Gear at the Geneva motor show:

“To make our carbon chassis into an SUV, you’d have to stretch that chassis. You’d keep the front and rear ends as they are, go more extreme on the thickness of the honeycomb, you’d put a carbon cage structure up top… technically I don’t see a big issue with it.

“It’d be a pretty wild SUV because you’d have a big tunnel in the centre, huge sills, bucket seats. I think it could be a thing the market could accept. But I’m just not a fan of SUVs. To me they are fundamentally flawed. Sure we could sell them, but I don’t want to.”

Still, that doesn’t mean the purists got away easy, because the Swedish car manufacturer plans to come up – sometime in the future – with a four door model, as Koenigsegg said:

“That’s very much on the drawing board. It’s a project we’ve been working on for quite some time. I’d be surprised if that’s the next thing we release – because we’re getting such a good response for our traditional type of supercars – but it’s a car I’d love to do.”

For the time being, the exclusive car manufacturer has a lot on its plate thanks to the Regera, especially as the model will (probably) eventually get a harder counterpart.

“We’ll see what comes after though. I think it could look nice – something like an RS for Regera – but not now”, he said.


  • Six_Tymes

    an amazing car, an amazing color on this one too.

  • Matt

    Seems to have lost some of that Koenigsegg quirkiness in its transition to the Regera. The shape is wonderful but the details, like the generic-supercar headlights and the ugly rear licence plate light bracket means I’d have an Agera R were I financially capable.

  • fabri99

    This makes no sense. If they want to go more…popular, they should start by making a supercar. They cannot jump from 1 million dollars hypercars to sedans and SUVs (unless these will be very very high end luxury vehicles, but I doubt they will make a half-a-million dollars sedan).