McLaren-Honda Drops The MP4-31 From The Sky

With the 2016 Formula 1 season already under way, McLaren is looking to spice things up by shining the spotlight on their MP4-31 race car, which already looks like better than what the team fielded last year.

This video is called ‘The Drop’ and, if you were curious to know what it would look like to have Jenson Button parachute himself out of a plane while inside of his Formula 1 car, well, strap yourself in because this is fun.

Not everything is as it seems, though. That much is obvious when the MP4-31 lands on the track in a similar fashion to how the gang dropped their cars on a mountain road in the Fast 7 movie.

Blockbuster tactics aside, McLaren are rightly proud of their 2016 contender, especially after they were on their way to score points in Australia before Fernando Alonso’s very, very scary accident from which he happily escaped unscathed.