New Mazda CX-4 Sports Crossover’s Name Confirmed

We’ve known for a while now what the production version of Mazda’s Koeru Concept from 2015 will look like, but these fresh scoops finally answer the lingering naming question. Mazda’s first entry in the coupé-like SUV segment will be called the CX-4.

Even though this example of the CX-4 is riding on fairly small alloy wheels that ultimately detract from its appearance, leaving a rather huge gap between the tires and the fenders, you can tell that the design was kept close to the striking concept.

Lower, sleeker and sportier than the CX-5, the new CX-4 should have a similar footprint to the Koeru study at around 4.6 meters (181 inches) long and 1.9 meters (74.8 inches) wide, with a 2.7 meter (106 inches) wheelbase, offering space for five passengers inside.

The CX-4 won’t be only about looks, as Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai recently told Autonews that the production version of the concept would provide “more driving pleasure” than the brand’s other crossovers. Given that the CX-5 scores well in the handling department, it sounds like the CX-4 will be the kind of car you’d enjoy behind the wheel.

Of course, Mazda will have to up its engine game, so here’s hoping that they’ll offer the new turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder that just made its debut in the latest CX-9.

Look for the new CX-4 to debut later this year, and go on sale in early 2017.

Thanks to Evan for the pictures!

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  • Grumpy

    Nice. Good job. Wondering if they would ever make a 2.0 turbo that would slide between the 2.5 NA and the 2.5 turbo. Around 210hp 260lb ft. Something to keep a barrier between models.

    • Archknight77

      I was thinking the same thing, since the 2.5T is the base for the larger CX9, but it’s superior in the torque department. Mazda has to do something to close the gap and since the CX4 will probably be a sportier alternative to the CX5. It’s already wider and looks more like a larger 3, can’t wait to see it up close.

  • MarkoS

    Nice, will it cost less than a CX5 then?

    • Grumpy

      There really isn’t a big price gap between the cx-3 and cx-5. They may move the next gen cx-5 price up considering most cars in it’s class are close to 25k starting. I still think it will be priced on par with the cx-5. The again, they could eliminate a base model and price it around 25k.

      • Craiggger

        big difference acutally. My fully loaded cx-5 GT came in a 44K CDN with tax. I see the CX-3 tops out at 29k CDN so with tax you are looking at 35. thats a 10k diff.

        Anyways, this is a Mazda 6 wagon with awd. Awesome.

        • Grumpy

          People hardly get the top end model. Usually the mid range is the most popular and I was only talking about the entry price. It’s a Mazda 3 with AWD. it’s still a compact car.

      • Luis

        They would lose a bunch of sales if they moved the CX5 which is there #1 sellng car in the USa. We just bought a nicely equipped CX5 touring for just under 31K. They wanted us to upgrade to the GT but we didnt feel it was necessary. Didnt want or need the bigger rims or leather. Though i understand why as we essentially was just under 2k to move up to GT.

  • Mr_Fanta_Pants

    So it’s a jacked up 3 hatch?

    • pretty much… With the chrome bar of the CX9 at the back

      • Andrewthecarguy

        I thought the CX3 was a jacked up 3 hatch??

        • Obsequious Lickspittle

          That’s the 2. Keep up! 😉

        • The-Fez

          The CX-3 is based on the 2, actually.

        • Matt

          The CX3 actually shares a platform with the Mazda 2 (which North America still doesn’t have yet…). The Mazda 3 shares a platform with the CX-5. I’m not sure where the CX-4 is going to fit in (it may just be an AWD, lifted Mazda 3… Mazda doesn’t really have a “performance” SUV).

          • Keith Gadawski

            North America does have the Mazda 2 (sort of) with the introduction of the Scion iA (or however it’ll be renamed after its move to Toyota’s lineup officially).

    • redav

      It seems more like a 6 wagon.

      • William Getz

        Wheelbase is almost identical to the 3, and almost 5″ shorter than the 6.

    • Keith Gadawski

      CX3 = Mazda 2
      CX5 = Mazda 3
      CX4 = maybe could be the Mazda 6 platform (just an extended MZ3 platform anyway) but be the more truly sporty option here.

      Let the age of re-lowered SUVs arrive!

  • They should really do a CX7 that would be like a CX5 but with 2 seats in the trunk. Mazda will probably never bring the CX9 in Europe, The CX7 could have been well sold, but had almost no marketting, and only came out in petrol engines at first, killing all changes of success. The great Diesel came too late.

    But a CX7 that would be to the CX5 what the X-Trail is to the Qashqai would be great. It would go against Renault Espace, X trail, Santa Fe, New Scenic 7 seats… People want SUVs but 7 seats.

    Even if the new CX9 looks fantastic, it would have the problem Kia had. Go against Volvo XC90, Audi Q7, Land Rover Discovery… Even with a huge gap in price, not enough clients ready for such big cars in Europe with the money for gas, taxes, tires, services… and not for an X5 or GL… It would be too in the middle.

    When you see the success of the CX5… Could go eat Nissan, Renault, Peugeot shares.

    • gor134

      Huh… predicted the future lol. The CX-8 that just got revealed is basically what you described, a CX-5 with extra seats in the back.

  • Fernando Bretón

    If this was a VW or an Audi, everybody would hate it because it is exactly the same car but larger. But it is a Mazda, so we all love it.

    • pcurve

      I have a Mazda 3 and even though I like the car, I’m rolling my eyes at the Mazda HQ.

      However… it is entirely possible that they may just kill off CX3, which is just too small.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Haha there is a Mazda for everyone. 🙂

    • roy

      yes you are absolutely right………. and people should also clarify which vag they hate because as far as looks are concerned they may tend to be repeatative but not ugly rather well looking..

  • sam

    Mazda has released high quality car after high quslity car in the last 3-4 years. Im sure will also be a great car too. Pricing will be crucial. Styling is subjective, but I prefer the look of the CX-3.

  • Matthijs

    Mazda, be like Renault and put the CX-4 standard on bigger wheels! Mazda’s look great but with a normal sizes wheel they look dated and ugly pretty easy.. while a more masculine en simple car looks good even with normal rims

  • hot new yorker

    So it’s pretty much Mazda 3 station wagon on high heels. Another crossover that no one really needs.

    • redav

      Rather, I see this as the 6 wagon that the US can’t get.

    • Craiggger

      clearly its a mazda 6 size

      • CPT Mike

        It shares wheelbase with Mazda3 and CX-5 (106.3″). In automotive terms, the Mazda6 has a significantly longer wheelbase (111.4″), and overall length (191″ for the sedan, 189″ for the wagon) than the CX-4.

        • Craiggger

          Where are you getting this very specific data from? Care to share?

  • Kevin A

    Mazda is clearly on a roll here, but they need to “up” their game on the technology front:
    -There’s still no word on when Car Play and Android Auto will be supported, despite being “partners” for more than a year with Apple, and presumably Google. Software updates for the infotainment system (which is the same one that’s been going into EVERY Mazda since the ’14 Mazda3 debuted it) are slow to come, and the systems running older versions of the OS are still buggy and laggy. (running V.33 on my ’14 Mazda3sGT)
    -The use of “old-school” lcd’s on the IP is a no-no – everyone is using animated lcd’s in their IP’s now.
    -The low-resolution, low-content heads-up displays show promise, but need to be upgraded; it’s largely just a glorified infrontofyou speedo.

  • Nordschleife

    I personally feel this model is pointless but who am I?

    • Obsequious Lickspittle


      • Nordschleife

        lol Exactly

    • Luis

      I think in the US market i dont see a real pending need for it. As far as in the model line up. They have small. medium and large covered here. However, there could be a need for it overseas where the CX9 is to big.

  • Luis

    I think Mazda might be stretching themselves thin here. They just launched the CX3 not long ago. The Cx9 is a month away. So they have mini, medium and larger. Keep in mind Mazda is a smaller company that is borderline niche manuf at lest here in the US. Do they really need a 4th crossover?

  • dale kana

    This is great news for families. Where’s my Mazdaspeed?

  • mccarluvr123

    Think of this as Mazda’s XV Crosstrek to the CX5’s Forester. The XV Crosstrek is basically just a lifted Impreza 5-door, and this is just a lifted Mazda3. Although I will say that this appears to have a few more visual differences with the 3 than the XV does with the Impreza.

  • archknight

    Another report I read claims that this will be a China exclusive model for some reason.

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