Subaru Allegedly Testing Mid-Engine Sports Car

Subaru is said to be cooking something very exciting – and it isn’t a turbocharged BRZ.

A mid-engined sports car by the small Japanese manufacturer, that had to cooperate with Toyota for its current coupe, would seem very unlikely.

Nevertheless, an insider told Car and Driver a radical experimental prototype is being tested at the Tochigi proving grounds. Apparently, the machine has a mid-mounted turbocharged boxer delivering power to the rear wheels, and two electric motors managing the front ones.

The American reports that, according to the source, the mule is a BRZ, since that’s the only rwd model available in the line-up: “Whether the end result will be a two-door sports coupe or some kind of sports crossover/CUV is still in the evaluation stage. A coupe seems more likely, though.”

Apparently the drivetrain mirrors the one Subaru presented in its Viziv Future Concept, which came fitted with a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain for the front wheels and two electric motors for the rear. The mid-engine coupe, however, is said to feature a turbocharged 1.6-litre behind the driver’s seat and two electric units for the front wheels – all that while developing “somewhere north of 330 hp”.


  • Mind Synthetic

    good good, me like

  • Six_Tymes

    wow that’s cool news.

  • Shobin Drogan

    Meanwhile Mitsubishi plans to release an SUV every year till 2021!

    • Carlos Gamarra

      Which sucks ass

      • Tumbi Mtika

        You and Shobin, win the internet.

      • Shobin Drogan

        Add that to the fact they decided to kill the only good car they make.

  • heavystarch

    “Whether the end result will be a two-door sports coupe or some kind of sports crossover/CUV is still in the evaluation stage. A coupe seems more likely, though.”

    How in the hell does this insider even think a mid (internal combustion) engine layout would ever be a sport compact CUV??? To me any sort of sport compact utility vehicle must seat 4 people. Where do the rear passengers go when the engine will be in their seats?

    Mid Mount ICEngine is going to be a coupe…could be a sporty AWD coupe that is lifted a couple inches for some off road prowess but still a coupe.

    I love me some sporty compact crossovers – make more of them with some nice power but mid engine layout is clearly going for sporty coupe…Cayman killer anyone?

    These are compact sport utility vehicles…(not comprehensive list just examples)
    BMW X4
    Mercedes GLA
    Mazda CX-3
    so on and so forth.

    • Kash

      The Cayman has quite a bit of storage and it’s mid engined, figure Subaru could do something similar and just add some extra room behind the front seats, slap on some RX-8 style doors, and do a BMW X4 style roof line on something like the Fj Cruiser. Bam, mid engined, SUV. Oh and they could do a Tesla and leave the entire front compartment open for storage. I was waiting for the McLaren 570GT to be a 2+2 layout and I’ve been getting more and more curious to see someone do a mid engined 4 door car. I figured Hyundai or Genesis might take the Veloster and slap a mid engine in it or even a rear engine and call it a concept.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Yes, yes. I like this. The world needs more of this…

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Your move, Honda.

  • Grumpy

    Guess the Cayman has some competition then.

  • Ronnyek

    I feel like this day and age everyone is trying to build flagship hybrids… I’d honestly rather this just be a midmounted turbo boxer without the hybrid stuff

  • Behzad

    A 1.6L 4cylinder behind the driver seat and two electric motors in the front, is that even “Super” ?! I dont wanna get started with how much i hate hybrids but pls, a VW polo engine on steroids doesnt make a car super, neither does its numbers in which this car lacks even those!

    Either the definition of “Supercar” is dead, or people’s taste.