One-Owner Alfa Romeo Milano Verde Is Up For Sale In California

If you were looking for the true predecessor of the Giulia, then this 1988 Milano Verde should do the trick. This black one-owner example is up for sale in San Dimas, California, complete with a full service history.

Despite having done a little bit over 156k miles, this Alfa Romeo Milano looks in great shape inside out, with all the plastic and rubber trims in good condition and the paint not showing any signs of fade.

Only 883 cars were imported in the US market back in 1988 and you can only imagine how many of them are still around, with even fewer remaining in a factory state like this one. The seller claims that the car was always garaged, which partly explains the overall nice condition of the car.

The original Recaro interior looks good, with minimal wear on the fabric upholstery and the steering wheel. The 188hp 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine looks stock and should provide the awesome soundtrack these cars are known for without a hitch as the car comes with a huge stack of maintenance records.

The seller asks for $12,500 for it and although it sounds a bit expensive for a Milano that’s not absolutely perfect in every way, the overall good condition combined with the rarity and the rewarding experience behind the wheel might lure the right person.



  • Cool Car, Not Detailed Well

    I’m always amazing when the exterior is detailed…then you open the hood and it looks like crap. Taking care of a vehicle entails not only the exterior. Diminished value, for me.

  • Bo Hanan

    $13K and you didn’t steam the engine.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Nope, still gasoline-powered. A steam conversion would ruin this car. 😉

  • Nikos Kalantas Brother

    Such a shame those cars were really unreliable.