Porsche 918 Parts Pricelist Revealed; It’s Eye-Watering – Engine Costs $203,385!

A Reddit user uploaded screenshots with prices of parts for the Porsche 918 Spyder and, surprise; there are a lot of zeros in there.

We all know that a million dollar car is going to have mega maintenance costs and if you take into consideration the sheer complexity of the 918 Spyder’s hybrid powertrain, then it’s no surprise that Porsche is asking for eye-watering amounts of money should you need a new part.

For example, should anything happen to the motorsport-derived naturally aspirated 4.6-litre V8 engine and boom, Porsche will ask $203,385 before tax to give you a replacement engine. Need a new transmission? That’ll be $70,000.

But these are the core components of a car and it makes some kind of sense in a million-dollar hypercar. The really painful prices are further down the list, like a single floor mat which costs $537. A single carbon brake rotor asks for $9k, a carbon seat goes for almost $9700.

If you scraped or broke anything from the underbody protection, you are going to need $20k to replace it. And remember, these prices are before any tax is applied.

If you thought though that parts prices for the 918 are astronomical, you clearly haven’t looked at the Carrera GT’s parts pricelist: a tad over $260k for a replacement engine, $52k for a new underbody protection and nearly $15k for a new clutch kit.

So in a twisted, weird way, the Porsche 918 Spyder is cheaper to run (kind of) than a Carrera GT and that’s good news for hypercar customers. As for the rest of us peasants, feel free to imagine how it would feel being asked $537 for a single floor mat.


  • Bo Hanan

    Have extra $537.00.
    -Floor mat?
    -Food for homeless people at shelter??

    • anonymous

      Floor mat.

    • Anon

      Floor mat.

    • fabri99

      I’d spend $500 in Doritos.

      • SomeRandomCommenter

        Maybe a mix of Doritos and some soda?

        • fabri99

          Alright, but the cheapest one you can find. The less we spend on soda, the more Doritos we can buy.

  • TheBelltower

    Hell, since they’re just being absurdly stupid, why not charge a million dollars for an engine? Or a billion? Or since you have to have lost all mental capacity to even deal with this type of nonsense, why not pay a gazillion bucks for an engine?

    • fabri99

      I think you’re quite missing the point here. If these parts were cheaper, buying them all and using them to build a 918 Spyder from scratch would would be cheaper than actually buying the car.

      • TheBelltower

        I suppose if this was the first car that Porsche ever built, and they were learning how to build engines with this one car, then it would make sense that a naturally aspirated gas engine would cost 200k. But they should have the hang of this by now and not need to charge that much for a relatively conventional component of the car. The rest of the car is quite spectacular, and it could easily be argued that those parts are worth an astronomical premium.

  • fabri99

    Way too much geld for any of those stück!

  • S3XY

    An engine in 2016…


    And I dont care how rich you are or how hard you worked to become that rich. You are one dumb motherf**ker if you waste your money on this or any egregious amount in general.

    • nathangr

      Says the guy with an avatar and handle name of a million dollar hypercar.