SEAT & Accenture Looking To Keep Drivers Connected

Accenture and SEAT have developed a “three element” proof of concept, consisting of car-to-home connectivity, car status alerts and driver behavior monitoring capability.

All of these solutions were showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and SEAT is investigating which of them could be most suitable, if not all.

The car status alert is meant to allow app users to replicate elements of the dashboard on their mobile device regardless of location.

This in turn allows for a visualization of measurements such as fuel and oil levels during a trip, even if the car is parked. The app will also let SEAT owners know if there are any potential engine or parts issues with relevant information being displayed alongside any and all error messages – roadside assistance is also integrated into the app design.

On top of that, the app has been designed to allow for “dealer push-notifications”, which in turn lets the customer know that for example a part replacement is needed and even displays the costs and offers from individual dealers.

The driver behavior monitoring capability works by applying an adaptive algorithm to collated historical driving patterns and new data gathered from each car journey. By doing so, it offers the user advice on how to improve his driving techniques – with tips and recommendations on increasing performance and efficiency.

Finally, the car-to-home connectivity feature is meant to use mobile connectivity to allow SEAT drivers to control their connected home appliances from a distance. This works by integrating geolocation into the mobile app, allowing, for example, for the temperature in the car to be automatically replicated at home. This proof of concept should also enable the remote programming of the thermostat which controls the home’s central heating from the vehicle’s dashboard.

“The MY SEAT App represents the next step to position ourselves in the connected vehicle ecosystem,” said Pablo Barrios, head of digital marketing at SEAT. “With this new app we will enable a permanent, customized and relevant dialog with customers while bringing many benefits for both SEAT and the customers themselves.”