Edge Vignale Looking To Class Up Ford’s SUV Lineup

Even though Ford isn’t selling the Edge in all of its European markets, it still happens to be a more upscale option than the more popular Kuga.

The same should probably apply when talking about the Vignale lineup, which is on display at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. As some of our readers pointed out, the prospect of owning an overpriced Kuga isn’t the most appealing thing in the world, but what about the already more “premium” Edge?

Ford actually brought two Edge Vignale models to Geneva, identical in every way, yet wearing separate colors.

The metallic brown model you saw in the press images was painted in Vignale Ametista Scura, whereas the other car is wearing Vignale White Platinum – but we’ll leave it to you guys to tell us which one you think looks best. Also, keep in mind that even Ford thinks that the Edge Vignale is their most “contemporary and stylish SUV,” and as far as Europe is concerned, it’s hard to argue with that statement.

Since they’ve yet to release more information about the car, which should include prices at some point, it’s safe to assume it’s going to cost more than the current flagship Edge Sport, priced from £34,495 in the UK.