You Never Thought Lady Gaga Could Own A Chevrolet El Camino, Did You?

When it comes to the most eccentric and out of this world things, there’s probably no artist who can put them on stage better than Lady Gaga.

However, along with her new look came a new taste in cars too, which we cannot really argue with. Dressed in black, with a matching hat and sunglasses, and her hand hanging out of the door, Lady Gaga has recently posed with a classic Chevy El Camino.

The stealthy classic pickup is believed to be owned by the 29-year old American, who published the photo on her Facebook page, stating “Some things never go out of style.”

This isn’t the musician’s first attempt into the classic car niche and, in between cruising around in modern McLarens and Porsches, she had also been seen in a vintage blood red Rolls-Royce nicknamed “Bloody Mary”.


  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    well, ain’t it something?

    • T_Cake

      Since she’s been out of the limelight, let’s just drop the “attention” part.

      • europeon

        Wasn’t she one of the main acts at the last Academy Awards from a few weeks ago?

        • T_Cake

          I honestly couldn’t tell you. I just knew I hadn’t been hearing about new Gaga music or shenanigans.

      • emjayay


  • JoeMosely

    Lady Gaga.

  • fabri99

    Thanks for making me realise I really could live without knowing this.

  • JPR

    It’s the meat suit dude!